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Take the pressure off from serving your guests and enjoy your event with a customized self-service bar. Whether it’s a mimosa, margarita or sangria station or a full bar, we create a fun DIY cocktail area for you and your guests to “Be Your Own Bartenders”.

Cocktail Stations includE

  • Unlimited consultation on alcohol purchase and cocktail/mocktail menu 

  • Cocktail station set-up

  • Menu with classic cocktail/mocktail and/or signature cocktail recipes

  • Ingredients for a variety of cocktails:

    • Salt, sugar, tajin for rimming

    • Homemade syrups

    • Fresh citrus

    • Mixers and juices

    • Garnish board

  • Custom signage for ingredients and steps

  • Cocktail shaker + jigger

Upgrades includE

  • Pre-made batched signature cocktails (ex: Old fashioned, margaritas, mojitos, sangria)

  • Additional cocktail tools – muddler, bar spoon, wine key, etc.

  • Drinkware, napkins, stirrers

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